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My Sony Vaio PCG-K215M laptop

Many thanks go out to my friend (Mark Heyel) who gave me his old laptop as a bithday present. Thanks Mark this will really help me with my work.

Drivers can be downloaded from

For anyone interested in upgrading the hard disc drive, please note that the bios limit on this model is 137Gb. I have been in contact with Sony and they said that no bios update is available. Don't be tempted to use these guys will tell you that a bios update is available, when in fact no bios update is available, you will be paying for there driver update service.

If after fitting a larger hdd you have slow transfer rates then upgrade your driver to the v4.0.0.8, you can download the driver from here. Ali drivers up to v1.5.1.0 will not work with large hdd, you will experience slow hdd access, and notice that your drive is set to PIO mode.

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