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XPE Builder v0.1.146

I have been working on an installer for PE Builder that creates a custom build of PE Builder in a legal way as to not breach the licence agreement, the installer was written in Visual Basic and is still very experimental. See Readme for usage.

Update v0.1.146 changes:
  • Added simple script support, only registry write, dir create still very experimental
  • Added support for cab archives
  • Added code ready for xpelive, xpe builder now creates xpelive.ini in root of install folder
  • Added code to enable easy customisation of xpebuilder, run xpebuilder with command line parameter '-setup'
  • Added XPE Builder now checks the CRC of every file before extraction
  • Added XPE Builder now saves the log automatically
  • Added code to comment out [Append] lines in plugin inf if any found, this is only for nu2menu.xml entries
  • Added code to change plugin inf name on the fly to reflect correct category number
  • Added code to allow setup to be terminated during installation if needed
  • Fixed bug in plugin item selection, in some instances item would not be selected correctly
  • Fixed bug where xpebuilder.ini was being read incorrectly
  • Changed picture resources to jpg
  • Changed the way plugins are extracted, plugin folder is now the name of the zip file
  • Removed checking if OS is less that XP v5, will now run on WIndows 2000 and earlier but this has not been tested
  • Remover xpebuilder -crc and drag drop as this is now handled by xpebuilder -setup

v0.1.63 changes
  • Minor improvements to Multi Shell Logon
  • Improved Multi Shell Logon Configuration utility
  • Added some more plugins
  • Added code to handle zip archive extraction for (unzip32.dll)
  • Added winsock API to handle download of critical, and non critical plugins
  • Added xpe 1.07 core
  • Many other fixes

XPE Builder no longer requires that you download the PE Builder zip separately,
this is now done through the winsock API

XPE Builder download 22.24Mb
Mass Storage drivers v9.01 download 16.4Mb

To learn how to add your own drivers to XPE Builder follow the steps in this thread on

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