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Epson Printer Service Tool

My Epson C44UX printer stopped working today with an error of

Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. Contact your dealer for replacement.

I found out that this error occurs when the ink pad, in the back of the printer becomes too saturated with ink, due to the head cleaning process. The printer stores an internal value and increments this over time as the heads are cleaned, the max value of this is 8300. You can reset this counter with the software found in the links below, you can also use the utility to reset the ink cartridges to their full level, useful if you want to manually refill your cartridges.

If you use the utility to reset the counter, you will need to ether replace the ink pad, or clean it. If you don't do one of the above ink will eventually overflow and spill out of the printer.

Here are two links to the Epson SSC Service Utility a program that enables you to reset the ink level, and reset other service information in a wide range of Epson printers.

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