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An Alternative Approach to Creating DLF Files

I don't know if anyone knows about this, but I found an alternative way to create DLF files rather than using NeOrigos dlf utility.

You will need to create two text files in the firmware directory, these can be created in Notepad.

1) Open Notepad and enter
2) Save as bootrom.txt

3) Open Notepad and enter
flash * bootrom.txt /file
ren firmware.dlf BOOTROM.BIN
flash * pkg.txt /file
4) Save as makedlf.bat
5) Run makedlf.bat

You will now have two extra files in the firmware directory


Also for anyone that wants to test this, if you enter the following at the command prompt

flash * pkg.txt /file flash.bin

The above command will simulate a flash, and dump the contents that would go to the flash memory to the file flash.bin, when used this way, the flash program will automatically use the MAC_DEFA.TXT file to set the MAC address. In normal operation you would use the USB_DEFA.TXT file, there is one problem here the following part shown below would not be included in the DLF build.
The only solution to this would be to copy the adove definition and place it into the MAC_DEFA.TXT file, I have not tested the above, and cannot confirm if it will work correctly. I can confirm that the BOOTROM.BIN to BOOTROM.DLF file creation works fine.

For anyone that is to lazzy to type, you can download the example form here
just place the two files into your firmware directory and run makedlf.bat

Hope this info is of use to someone

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