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Monday, 20 November 2006

Winternals ERD Commander Plugin

This plugin will enable you to use ERD Commander in a Windows PE environment, I have included two versions of the plugin, one is a full installer and the other is just the basic plugin files with my ERDRoot program that sets the target_root environment variable in Windows PE, ERDRoot fully automates the task of setting the operating system to be repaired. I have seen some versions of this that use the boot.ini file as a reference, my program searches all fixed drives and looks for the relevant registry hive files checks if they exist then tries to open them to get to operating system version and service pack information.

I have an updated version that includes the following new features.

  • Will display online and offline information
  • ERDRoot is now able to display the following information by right
    clicking on an operating system found
Microsoft Product Code
Channnel ID
Product Key

ERD Commander v1.03 download 692Kb