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Monday, 24 April 2006

Windows XP Security Console

I found an interesting bit of software about two weeks ago called 'Doug's Windows XP Security Console'. As I have a interest in system security, I decided to write my own version of the software. For an overview of what Doug's utility does take a look at this

My version is similar to Doug's and also has some nice extra features, Doug's utility only allows you to save one policy template. My version will have pre-defined policy templates and also allow you to create your own template that can be applied to the accounts you specify. Also when you are logged in as an admin, the software will keeps a record of the changes you have made, when you exit the software you are given the option to log out, or re-start the shell (Explorer).

Here are some screen shoots of my program.

This program will eventually be integrated into my PCM (Process Control Monitor) Service. This would allow you to make changes to any account whilst logged in as a 'User', changes to the logged in 'User' account can only be made after logging out. The PCM project is work in progress, and should be due for beta release in a few months.

This is a list of some of the PCM features:

1) HTTP Admin Server, with RSA challenge response login (can be accessed externally via a WAN, or LAN), and can also be used to serve web pages.
2) Encrypted TCP Server for client communication (currently this can only be used on the local machine)
3) Full logging of program start and stop with time stamp, and PID
4) Ability to suspend a program, if added to disallowed applications list

1) Ability to display all processes running on the host PC
2) Suspend and Resume a program
3) Kill a application
4) Setup the HTTP server

If you are interested in this project or want to know more about Windows XP Security Console, then send me a message via the contact form

You can download a alpha copy of Security Console from here