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Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Kerio Personal Firewall v4.2.0 Build 785

Kerio have just released a new version of KPF, I was looking around the net to see if there were any hacks for this, I found one and patched the 'kpf4ss.exe' service, I then did a comparison of the original and the patched exe using 'Hex Workshop'. Only one byte was reported as being changed. Below you will find the hex address and value to change in the 'kpf4ss.exe' file:

If kpf is running, shutdown kpf

open kpf service 'kpf4ss.exe' in 'Hex Workshop'

Change address: h000ADE88 from h75 to hEB

If license directory does not exist in kpf directory, create it
copy the 'license.key' file into this directory

Copy the details below, from LICENCE_BEGIN to
LICENCE_END into notpad and save as 'license.key'

You will need to find your own licence key and replace the
xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx with the key you found
Base-ID: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
Product: Kerio Personal Firewall
License-Expires: NEVER
Subscription-Expires: NEVER
OS: Windows
Company: Kerio.
Issued: NEVER
Restart KPF

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

eTec PT-3812 Firmware Upgrade CD v1.00

This is a bootable cd that will allow you to upgrade the firmware in your router to v4.1.0.21F (this firmware includes a firewall). You can find this project here